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Avoid These Lasagna Common Mistakes

There is nothing like a good pan of lasagna. Gooey, cheesy, packed with carbs—this just might be the perfect comfort food. But screw it up, and we’re talking mushy noodles, soupy sauce, and congealed cheese. You deserve better than that, and so does this casserole. Avoid these common mistakes and make a perfect pan of lasagna—every time.

1. Overcooking the Noodles
“First, you have to decide what type of dish you want to make,” says Chris Morocco, senior food editor. “If you’re using no-boil noodles—which I sometimes do—it’s just not a real lasagna. It’s a baked pasta dish.” Hey, we get it—when you’re strapped for time, no-boil noodles can be a lifesaver. Just be sure to bump up the flavor and bring in the big guns with your sauce, cheese, and seasoning (nobody could accuse no-boil noods of being texturally great or overly flavorful).

That said, if you’re going big with traditionally-boiled noodles, err on the side of undercooking them. “Four to five minutes will do it,” says Rick Martinez, associate food editor. Remember that you’ll be cooking them again, by baking them in a hot

Timing Is Actually Everything in the Kitchen

In the kitchen, time passes mysteriously. Chefs who understand timing perform a kitchen ballet that those who struggle to mimic transform into offbeat steps, like the dance I do while begging my tomato sauce to thicken as the penne’s timer pings. What is that sixth sense, the one that whispers to expert cooks exactly when to crack the egg or start the pasta so that every element of a meal finishes in unison? To illuminate the dark depths of kitchen timing, we grilled the experts on how they honed their instincts.

Timing Fantasies

Almost every chef we spoke with agreed: There is definitely mystery and fantasy involved. Visualizing yourself in an imaginary kitchen provides a way to practice timing before cooking. If you’ve watched a food show, read your recipe twice, or fantasized about tonight’s crispy chicken on your commute, you have clocked real hours towards expertise.

The idea is that, by the time you ignite the stove for your stir-fry, “you’ve done it in your head already,” says Michael Ruhlman, author of Ruhlman’s Twenty and other cookbook titles that philosophize about using your brain while

Just Say No to Soggy Enchiladas

Your sauce sounds amazing, but your soggy enchiladas are breaking my heart. I think I have a fix.

In Mexico, before anything else, corn tortillas are quickly fried until they just start to crisp up and take on a little bit of color. Only then are they filled and rolled into enchiladas. The quick fry does a couple of things. First, it creates a barrier on the surface of the tortilla that allows the tortilla to absorb some sauce—but avoid completely disintegrating. Second, it adds flavor; the sugar in the tortilla starts to caramelize and the proteins brown. Finally, it adds richness from the oil. But don’t stress about the oil—tortillas actually don’t soak up too much of it, so your enchiladas won’t seem heavy.

After you fry the tortillas, dip both sides in your delicious sauce and cover the entire surface. Then stuff and roll. This is another difference between traditional preparations and the American one. Traditional enchiladas are made with less sauce but, because the tortillas are coated in sauce, it’s more evenly distributed throughout the dish. And, with less sauce, it’s less likely

Things You Can Do with Stout Beer

For the creative, the foodies, the lovers of beer, and the adventurous, this is a compilation of awesome and fun things you can do with stout beer. So, what is a stout beer? A stout is a dark-coloured beer made by roasting the barley prior to brewing. It gives it a smooth, creamy texture and a deep, rich flavour. There are variations on the stout, such as the milk stout which uses milk as part of its brewing process. However, all stouts are delicious and equally useful. If you’d like to try making things with stout beer, here are some suggestions.

Baking with Stout Beer

Believe it or not, people actually bake with beer. Whether it’s cupcakes, brownies, or full-sized cakes, you can make them all with stout beer. Because stouts have a roasted, full, smooth flavour, they accent sugar really well. Alcohol usually evaporates during the baking process, but the flavour stays there. Because it mixes with the sugar, your flavours will be pretty balanced. Try adding some stout beer to your favourite cupcake recipe to try it out.

Use Stouts for Meats

You might have heard of people putting coffee on their

How To Plan Your Hog Roast Meal

If you are thinking about hosting a hog roast Bolton then you need to think about what sides you are going to have and you also need to think about how you are going to cook the hog as well. Of course, sometimes your hog roast provider will be able to cook the hog for you and this is a huge worry off your mind. When it comes to your sides however, you need to think about the people who you are going to have and you also need to think about whether or not the options are going to be suitable for them. For example, if you have vegetarians in the family then you will need to make sure that you have plenty of vegetarian options because if you don’t then this could upset some people.

Next, you need to make sure that you have plenty of dip for everyone as well. Try and make sure that you have dips that are suitable for your hog roast and your side dishes. For example, if you have salad that includes carrot and cucumber sticks then try and opt for chilli sauce and even salad cream. This way your guests can

Experimenting with Beverages Recipes Mixed with Healthier Drink

Ever imagine how boring a party is? Maybe it’s the DJ. Probably it’s the theme. Or perhaps it has something to do with the beverages being served at that party. Reasonably, there are a lot of factors that can turn a party from something that should be fun into something else entirely, on which you wish to bail. Now, with that being said, when you are planning to throw a party, keep in mind that a good get-together starts from the glass. You cannot expect your guests to be entertained only with the music or games you set. No, the drinks need to be fun to enjoy.

The good ole’ booze would be a nice addition to the party but why don’t you put a spin on it by adding mixers for alcohol ? Alcohol, no matter how fun and cool it is, is harmful to human body if being drunk excessively. And lord knows that in a party drinking in moderation is pretty much unheard of. Everyone at your party is at risk of catching diminishing health condition with every glass they lift up. Electrolytes drained, liquid expelled, alcohol really takes a toll on human body when it exceeds its

Looking to Find Parts for Your Walk-in Cooler

As someone who works as a restaurant owner, you probably know how important it is to have a walk in refrigerator in standby, right? If the walk in cooler parts break down, that means a whole lot of different hassle to face on. Meats rot, wet spices wasted, this could mean a trouble for your business as a whole. You are running an establishment where people go to buy food and order a drink. You cannot keep all the ingredients safely inside a home type refrigerator. That fridge will not be able to contain all the things at once. A walk-in cooler works as its homebound cousins but it is the size of a room. Practically, it is a warehouse only its temperature can be adjusted to accommodate food preservation.

Logically, every part of the cooler works in sync to provide a perfect environment where foods will not rot so you can go back in anytime you feel like it, take something, and process it to serve a customer with. If there is even a small part that breaks down, the cooler’s contents are in danger. And you cannot continue on working. Therefore, you are advised to only use quality spare

What Happens If You Cook Your Hog On A Higher Heat?

Cook Your Hog

If you have rented a hog roast machine and you are getting ready to cook your own hog, you may notice that normally it takes around 6 hours for your hog to cook fully. Of course, it is important to know that when you do cook your hog for this amount of time, that the meat still retains a lot of its succulence and this is a great way for you to make sure that you cook the meat all the way through and it is also a great way for you to ensure that it still has that great-tasting flavour at the end of the carving process.

So what happens when you are running a little low on time, and you don’t have 6 hours? A lot of people say that you can easily turn up the heat on your roaster and this is certainly the case, but you do run the risk of your hog drying out. As a hog roast is supposed to be nice